Friday, March 6, 2009


Hey, married people!

Does your spouse respect you for your priorities?

I've been thinking about how easy it is to sneak into your own soul and adjust your priorities while you're not looking.  The thing is - you often don't know you've done that until you've driven your marriage to the edge of a cliff and your own walk with God has evaporated.

My priorities should result in the following –

1. A growing relationship with God.

The time to invest in your walk with God is before the fire (listen to last week's podcast if you weren't there).  Power and intimacy happen out of a pattern of obedience and relationship building.  How's that relationship right now?

2. A growing power in my call.

Every one of us has a call on our lives from God.  When I get things out of order that call is put on the mantle and the power of my life sits next to it.  It is through answering the call of God that His empowerment for each area of my life is released.

How's your power right now?

3. A growing strength in my marriage.

This arrangement of being a life mate has its own share of struggles.  I have talked to a lot of people already this year about "air hockey table" marriages that are getting smacked around riding on a cushion of frustration.  I have discovered a pill that, if taken every morning, will instantly adjust your personality so that you become the perfect mate.  BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE!  If you order now you also get my guide to appreciating your wives 500 pairs of shoes….

There's no easy answer is there?  But, when my priorities are right, my marriage is strong.  How's your strength right now?  

4. A growing godly influence in my family.

Priorities are more obvious to others than we think.  And we do have influence on our immediate and extended family (godly or gunky).  The question is what kind of influence are we having?  By the way, inconsistency is muriatic acid on godly influence.  How's your influence right now? 

5. A growing depth in my time use.

Work. Fun. Entertainment. Promotion. Sports. Hobbies. Rest. Goals.  The "stuff" I spend my moments on should reflect a depth of understanding and proper priority placement.  Please note that this category is important, but it's the least long lasting.  I need to let the use of my moments reflect a proper understanding of value.  If any of the important things in this area trump the importance of the first four areas - I err… big.  How's your depth right now?

Hey, married people!

Does your spouse respect you for your priorities?

Losing a hour of my life on Saturday and living for eternity anyway,
Pastor Dave 


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